Still here (and there)

Just a quick sign of life because there is a lot going on at the moment. In no particular order:

- Perhaps the biggest time-consumer right now: Run-throughs of our theatre production of Albert Camus’ State of Siege at the English seminar. Tonight we have the main rehearsal with tech and lights and everything. I’m still trying to get used to eyeliner although applying it is really fun. So is yelling dictatorial announcements from a balcony and feeling threatened by officials. Premiere is this Saturday, so if you remember, keep your fingers crossed at 7pm GMT!

- I am rereading a few of my old seminar papers to check for any parts worthy for publication. Especially my 2008 paper about Frankenstein still seems to be quite sensible…

- The final sessions of my tutorial are coming up and so far, they can be coordinated nicely with the theatre production. We are going to watch Hogfather on 16th December as part of our seminar Christmas Movie Night, and I am somewhat hoping for a very tall and thin Father Christmas speaking in SMALL CAPS to drop by for some punch and cookies.

- And I have nearly finished my paper proposal for the Zurich conference. More on that once I’ve sent it in.

Not to speak of preparations for Christmas and pre-Christmas…

In Ink

It is official: My article “Toying With Fantasy: The Postmodern Playground of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels” will be published in Mythlore Issue 125 Volume 33, Number 1 Fall/Winter 2014.

Order your copy here:

Actually, the new issue of Mythlore journal is being printed right now, so it’s quite exciting to see my academic career work for me for a change…

Mind your humour

Off to a workshop in Zurich today and tomorrow. The topic is mimesis and how we are affected by that which we imitate. This is what Plato thought problematic in poets and actors – if you imitate something ridiculous, you make a mockery of who you truly are and set a bad example for others. But looking at his “ideal” city-state, I’d rather not live in a world that watches your every step and goes “Oy!” each time you laugh out too loudly.

Oh, and by the way: 12,027 words. I hope I can keep this up.

Hobo Harry

Hello, I’m still alive, currently just busy with keeping 35 students entertained and organising the seminar Halloween party this coming Friday. Which amounts to the same thing basically, only with more people. And music and Hobo Harry, the mouldy life-size puppet that’s been slumbering on the seminar attic for more than a year now. We built him three years ago from old clothes and even older newspapers, so I think we can safely say that he hasn’t aged nicely. Usually we hang Harry from the tree in the seminar courtyard on Halloween but somehow forgot about it last year. If we’re lucky, some bats will have made Harry their home by now – which would add a nice touch to the party.

I can’t promise pictures but will try my best…

Typewriter Time

I am seriously considering joining NaNoWriMo this year. It’s not as if I’m not spending enough time writing anyway, but the idea of putting down 50,000 words on paper within a month and then trying to make sense of the mess kind of appeals to me. Plus, I have a draft which has been haunting the back of my mind and work breaks for over a year now…


Oh dear oh dear… there is a call for papers on visuality and intermediacy in literature at Zurich University… deadline is 28th November, and I’m thinking about submitting something in the direction of the paper I am planning.

That would mean there are 38 days left to send in a decent draft. The conference is on January 30th/31st, so that would technically leave me time enough to actually write the paper. Sounds doable.

Hmmm. I’m not sure whether I should use my plans for an essay on fantastic architecture for that. I’ve been carrying around the thought for quite some time now, but I feel like it’s meant for something else.

Maybe I’ll try to come up with something about intermediacy in the Discworld franchise.

Or I could be really sneaky and recycle parts of my MA thesis about Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast books.

Again, I’ll keep you (and myself) updated about this adventure…

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