Life sign

Just a very quick sign: I’m still here, but my thesis isn’t yet. More news soon.


Aiming around the corner

Editing is time travel. I am both cursing and congratulating my past selves on writing such erudite rubbish which is growing into a finished thesis that does not exist yet. Sitting in the middle, surrounded by books and notes scribbled on the backs of articles and papers is a rather confused but also confident present me.

Oh, and after eight successful shows (four more to come), I have finally managed to finish reading Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory backstage between Acts 2 and 3. If you think German philosophy is needlessly complicated, have a go at an English translation thereof. There’s a lot of useful knowledge in Adorno, don’t get me wrong – but in order to attain it, you have to navigate a jungle of Germanic pretentiousness and lengthy wordings.

Foucault is almost refreshing as a change…

Pieces Form the Whole

That moment when you see one sentence that does not fit and then find a spot to insert it that fits nicely: Priceless.

I realise again and again how important flow is to writing. You have to zone in – don’t ask me how, it just happens when you’re not looking – and then you just keep going, keep writing, no matter if it sounds like rubbish now. Bearing one of Neil Gaiman’s rules of writing in mind, what seems brilliant now might be rubbish later, and vice versa. What counts is that you write.

So do not worry about perfection. Perfection is an old advertisement lie, a plastic word with shining teeth that has nothing to say except itself.

Because it is much more interesting to explore the spots that do not fit.

Night Train To Nebelsbad

I have just finished editing my presentation for tomorrow whilst listening to The Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack. I feel like I should dance on something or go sledding, but there is too much stuff on my table and it isn’t winter yet. Yet.

By the way, if you want to read a really good although mildly confusing book, give John Morreall’s Comic Relief: A Comprehensive Philosophy of Humor a try. It’s an excellent attempt at trying to find out why we laugh and philosophers oftentimes didn’t.

Edits and piglets

Editing, editing, editing. Editing my hopefully-to-be-published paper, editing the first two chapters of my thesis, editing my personal writing with a beer to stop bothering and start doing things (yes, I usually only drink when things become personal). I think I’m getting somewhere, but as always, I could get there faster and with less effort if only I put more of it into actual work. But it’s a promising semester and last quart of the year, and I am looking forward to it all.

Oh, and I’m going to an urban-agricultural expo in Lausanne tomorrow. I sincerely hope that there will be piglets and sheep to pet.