Aiming around the corner

Editing is time travel. I am both cursing and congratulating my past selves on writing such erudite rubbish which is growing into a finished thesis that does not exist yet. Sitting in the middle, surrounded by books and notes scribbled on the backs of articles and papers is a rather confused but also confident present me.

Oh, and after eight successful shows (four more to come), I have finally managed to finish reading Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory backstage between Acts 2 and 3. If you think German philosophy is needlessly complicated, have a go at an English translation thereof. There’s a lot of useful knowledge in Adorno, don’t get me wrong – but in order to attain it, you have to navigate a jungle of Germanic pretentiousness and lengthy wordings.

Foucault is almost refreshing as a change…


On the lines

Off to theatre camp tomorrow. With me I am taking:

– An obscure book to review (google Arno Schmidt if you want to know more)

– An essay to give the final edge to

– A PhD rewriting to summarise

– A lesson for next Tuesday to prepare

– William Beckford’s Vathek to read for another essay

And of course my script and everything else I need to survive for this long coming weekend. I might send updates now and then (we do have internet even though we’re out in the country near somewhere called Lützelflüh), but only sporadically so if at all. In the worst case, you’ll hear from me next week! Check out my twitter account if you’d like to read some of my more obscure writings:

Have a great rest of the week!